Machine design and manufacturing

TL Solution Oy implements machine design projects to industry. The projects are implemented according to the customers needs and requirements. We implement the projects to the extent desired by the customer, from concept to testing, design to manufacture and commissioning. Our machine design covers mechanical and automation design, project management, documentation and CE marking services.


Preliminary plans and conceptualization is made to the extent required by our customer. We seek to select the right technical solution at the early stages of the design and take the feasibility of the solution into account in terms of manufacturing and cost-effectiveness. 

Machine design

We design machines according to the customers' needs and requirements. Our design work is guided by the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the device or product as well as the design itself. We specialize in the design of devices that utilize induction technology. 

Prototype manufacturing and testing 

We manufacture and source manufacturing prototypes based on our conception or customers' own concepts. In production and testing of a prototype, we take into account the development if both technical functionality and manufacturability. We can also manufacture prototypes flexibly during machine design. 

Manufacturing and commissioning

We are your partner in the manufacture of machinery. We seek for high-quality and cost-effective component suppliers and machine builders for our customers. We support the commissioning and we can also supply machines on a turnkey basis. 

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