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TL Solution Oy produces induction products for the demanding requirements of industry. Our company is an official retailer of CEIA S.p.A induction heaters in Finland. We deliver induction heaters from our home in Oulu to the entire county.

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Induction products tailored to requirements

We manufacture equipment which uses induction technology when heating. We choose the correct heating method and tailor our induction system to the clients' needs. Our solutions provide mechanics for induction devices, giving them structural movability.


In addition to equipment retail, our services include conceptualisation, testing, production, and initialisation. If need be, we update our existing induction devices and offer various modifications in heating methods for induction technology.


Get acquainted with our machine and equipment design services.

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The benefits of inductiont technology

Induction heating is based on the magnetic, high-frequency eddy current formed by the induction coil. The usage of induction technology allows industry to save on expenditures as indiction heating is fast, precise, clean, and can be controlled with precision. Compared with traditional technology, induction heating is also more fire-retardant as heating can be focused on a certain point or area without heating the environment.


Induction technology can be applied to many areas of industry. Our solutions are used in the manufacturing of many products.


Induction technology can be used in:

  • Heat treatment and heat shaping of metal

  • Soldering

  • Pressure joining

  • Pre-heating products

  • Removing coating during heat treatment

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High-quality induction heaters

TL Solution Oy is an official retailer of CEIA-induction heaters in Finland. CEIA manufactures induction heating systems from 2.8kW up to as much as 200kW.


Induction systems developed by CEIA are easy to use, and their internal automation systems enable precise, repetitive processes. Up to 20 different heating profiles can be programmed in one automation programme. The temperature can be followed precisely with heat cameras or pyrometres.


You can get additional information from us. Examples of appliances can also be found on the company's website.

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