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When you need mechanical design for equipment development, we are ready to help! TL Solution Oy offers machine and equipment design for various industries. We serve clients in Finland and abroad from Oulu. We provide extensive assistance for industries based on their requirements from inception to initialisation.

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Industrial needs-based service

We complete all our projects in accordance with our clients' needs and demands. For example, the breadth of a project is wholly tailored to the customer. Should you so wish, we can take care of everything from concept to testing and from design to initialisation.


Our machine and equipment design covers mechanical and automated design, project management, documentation and CE-certification services.


Wherever you may be, do get in touch with us! We would love to tell you more about how we can make your machine and equipment designs a reality for your company. Please do also get acquainted with our induction heater systems.


Induction Systems


We make preliminary plans and concepts to the extent the client desires. We put emphasis on correct technical solutions right from the get-go and we take a solution's viability into account from a preparation and expenditures standpoint.

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We design our machines and equipment according to clients' needs and demands. The viability and cost-effectiveness of machines, equipment, and the design itself leads our design process. We specialise in designing equipment based on induction technology.

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Producing and testing prototypes

We produce - and have our partners produce - prototypes based on our own or our clients' concepts. In manufacturing prototypes, we take both technical viability and development of producibility into account.  We can even prepare prototypes at your convenience during the design phase.

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Manufacture and initialisation

We find high-quality, cost-effective component providers and machine builders for our clients. We also offer our support during initialisation. If you so wish, we can deliver your machine to you with our simple Key in Hand service, at which time everythign will be ready to run.


Our machine and equipment design covers mechanical and automated design, project management, documentation, and CE-certiifcation services.

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