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TL Solution Oy is a trailblazer in machine and equipment design, serving companies from various areas of industry across Finland and worldwide. We manage the whole process, developing, designing, and producing machines and equipment to suit out clients' requirements, and we take advantage of the industry's newest tricks to get the job done. We will give you suitable, sustainable solutions.

An industrial trailblazer

TL Solution Oy is a company specialised in machine and equipment design. We have a multifaceted business developing, desining, and producing machines and equipment for different industrial operatives, e.g. forestry, metal, mining, and energy industries. Our field of experise is in induction heating technology applications, and we have served manhapp customers in Oulu, across Finland, and abroad. 


We aim to develop Finnish industry. We want to be a long-term strategic partner, with whose help our clients can increase their competitiveness and improve their productivity. In order to achieve the best result, we always exploit the latest knowledge and technology in our work. With the help of our good old-fashioned Finnish know-how, we create durable products which fulfill the needs of our clients. We are a steady, reliable partner, and we have an AA-certificate from Suomen Vahvimmat.


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Tailored solutions

We offer our clients extensive and inclusive machine and equipment design services based on the clients' needs. We are skilled at automation and mechanical design. We are specialised in induction heating technology applications, and we are official retailers of 

CEIA-induction heaters in Finland. 


We take care of the entire machine and equipment design process. We carry out the project to the client''s desired extent, from conception  to testing and from design to inauguration. We can provide support in initialisation and can deliver the machine and keys straight into your hands.


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Sustainable activity

The significance of energy- and resource-effeciency will keep increasing in the future. The life expectancy of a piece of equipment is also an important factor in assessing how environmentally-friendly our business is. From this standpoint, efficiency means adhering to the principles of sustainable development, i.e. that products and processes are exploited to the best of their ability.


We continuously develop devices and processes so that the are as durable and efficient as can be. Development helps us save on expenditures in many ways.


The CEIA induction heaters we retail are a sensible choice from an environmental perspective. With these heaters, the heating process can be effectively optimised while minimising heat loss.

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Do you need help in matters regarding development, design, or initialisation of machines and equipment? Get in touch - we are experienced partners in industrial manufacturing. We are glad to offer our services to projects both large and small according to your requirements. If need be, ask us about our Key in Hand solutions.

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